Chronoshield is a revolutionary and unique anti-aging supplement. It slows down aging and protects against stress by acting as a protective shield for cells

3300,00 kn / 437,99 eur

- 30 softgels


A supplement high in antioxidants that provides protection against sun damage, protects cells from oxidation, and contributes to improvement in overall appearance; hair, nails and skin.

418,68 kn / 55,57 eur

- 30 tablets

Against Fluid retention

A clinically proven formula containing extract from nopal (prickly pear cactus) that reduces fluid retention in the body, alleviating swelling and tiredness.

430,46 kn / 57,13 eur

- 30 sachets

Weight lost

Assists in weight loss through its thermogenic effect that helps burn body fat, calm cravings, and regulate blood glucose levels.

418,68 kn / 55,57 eur

- 30 capsules


An innovative formula that directly aids in the removal of toxins by detoxifying and cleansing the skin from within.

406,86 kn / 54,00 eur

- 30 capsules

Young skin

Comprising marine collagen, this unique formula has a hydrating effect on the skin, it reduces oxidative damage due to its antioxidant properties, and it also has anti-aging benefits.

436,31 kn / 57,91 eur

- 30 tablets


Slow down and reverse the process of telomere shortening in order to prolong your biological age

4712,50 kn / 625,46 eur

- 90 capsules


By maintaining a balance of oxidants and antioxidants, neutralize excess free radicals, protect cells and extend their lifespan

1460,94 kn / 193,90 eur

- 60 sachets

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