Immun’ Age 60 vrećica

Fermented papaya product restores the body’s immune system, stops oxidative stress and improves sports performance.

1,460.94Kn (193.90 €)


Powder of 100% fermented papaya FPP (Carica papaya L.). It does not contain artificial colors, preservatives and additives. Gluten free.

Recommended daily dose

1. Take the contents of one sachet daily, on an empty stomach, as an antioxidant supplement 2. Take 1-3 sachets daily to neutralize free radicals 3. Take 2-3 sachets daily to contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system to improve and strengthen the defense system 4. Support for high performance sports: 3 sachets the day after exercise and one sachet the following day for better recovery


Immun’Âge is best tool against aging. Its formula comes from fermented papaya extract, from an exclusive patented extraction process.

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